Important for your Trading Knowledge

Hello Honey-Readers,

you must know that is very important for your Trading Strategys that you add the Centralbank Informations like the different Country Centralbank Politics and the term structure of interest Rates, also you should look up the different Country Interest Rates.

Trading with Lucky Style Dicisions should never taken from you. Because on the longterm you will lose, when you Trade like a Lucky Gambler.

You must think about different things before you Trade or the best you need great different Strategys and use this Strategys with small Leverages.

My Advice: Use more different Expert Advisor Strategys on different Broker Accounts and also on different (VPS) Servers. Some Servers directly from the different Brokers and also (VPS) Server directly by different Webhoster to have a great Distribution of Risk.

Also you should use Limit/TakeProfits and also Trailing Stops and when this is Possible in the Expert Advisor also Break Even Stops. When you make Hedge Trading with small Leverages, than you can Trade without Stop Lost, but you should test your own Setups with Demo Account(s) and/or Strategy Tester from “Metatrader” Software.

You can start with one Broker Account and one (VPS) Server and than you can build up from time to time more Accounts and more different (VPS) Server by different Brokers and also by different Webhosters. Take your Decision for your own Financial Freedom.

Test it allways with Demo Accounts, before you start with your own Trading Strategy Setups. The Expert Advisors are allways for your own Trading and you can give the Trades from your own Trading to other Persons, per Social- and Copytradingplatforms, like “Zulutrade”.

New Information will be coming out on this Blog, for your Information. But what you like to do with this Information is alone and allways your own Decision.

So take care of your Money and use never to High-Leverages.

Kind regards and a good time wish you
Marco by tradingchannelblog


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