Strategy without Hedging 1

Hello Honey-Readers,

first Information: Is very important to use never High-Leverage, also when the Trading Strategy is a great one. This is important for your better Trading Success.

In this Strategy you do Trading without Hedging, so you have to decide you, for only Long/Buy or only Short/Sell Trading. But however, remember is your own Decision.

You can Trade with Currencys or other Assets, like Stock Indices. Also you can Trade with one Currency or also with one other Asset.

You can Trade with a Diversification, that means you can Trade with more Currencys and/or other Assets, like Stock Indices. You must only take your own Decision to Trade only on the Long/Buy Side or only on the Short/Sell Side in this Strategy.

However you can change your Opinion every time and can choice a other Setup for the Expert Advisor Fullautomatic Trading and/or for your own Manual Trading Style.

Remeber: This is allways your own Decision, however you like place your Trades.

You can use a Expert Advisor, you can let the Expert Advisor run with your own Setup Configurations, on every single Chart, so you can use more Charts and let the Expert Advisor run with your own Decision Configuration Setups.

Important Information for you: All my Expert Advisor can Trade only with Currencys overnight, so you must take the Expert Advisor off overnight, when you like doing automatic Trading with other Assets than Currencys. You can use only Currencys for overnight Trading with all my Expert Advisors. Take care on this Topic.

More Informations you can find out in this Example Strategy without Hedging Video:

New Information will be coming out on this Blog, for your Information. But what you like to do with this Information is alone and allways your own Decision.

So take care of your Money and use never to High-Leverages.

Kind regards and a good time wish you
Marco by tradingchannelblog


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