Hedge Strategy 2

Hello Honey-Readers,

first Information: Is very important to use never High-Leverage, also when the Trading Strategy is a great one. This is important for your better Trading Success.

In this Strategy you do Hedging with only one Currency, but is your own Decision you can also use it with more different Currency Pairs, because the Expert Advisor makes the whole Work for you, after you configurated your own choiced Setups.

Also you can use easylie more Charts and so on different Currency Pairs and/or other Assets to trade fullautomaticly with the Expert Advisor Strategy Bot. You Decide.

In this Example you see a 2 to 1 Hedging Strategy, this means you Invest in one Direction, for example the Long/Buy Side 2.000 and in the Short/Sell Side 1.000.

This is also no 1 to 1 Hedging Strategy, so you must think about it, which Direction you like choice for Overbuy or Oversell Trading Positions. But you can change the Direction, for example one Day Overbuy and the other Day Oversell.

However you like it. You take your Decision.

In this Example Strategy Video you Trade with 3.000 in open Positions, this means you need 750 when you like trading with a “x4” Leverage: 750 Equity (your own Capital) x 4 Leverage = 3.000.

You can Trade also (for example) with a 3 to 1 Hedging Strategy or with a 4 to 2 Hedging Strategy, this means 3.000 to 1.000 or 4.000 to 2.000 … You Decide!

Take your own Decison, when you like find out and Setup your Trading Strategy Style.

With a high Amount on all your open Positions, you need more Equity (own Capital) or you take a higher Leverage and you Remember: High Leverage will give you more and more Risk into your Trading Account(s).

High Risk (Leverage Effect) make it possible that you lose all your Money or sometimes even more than all your Money. So the Leverage is important, to hold it small for longtime success Trading with more Profit than Lost.

More Informations you can find out in this Example Hedging Strategy Video:

New Information will be coming out on this Blog, for your Information. But what you like to do with this Information is alone and allways your own Decision.

So take care of your Money and use never to High-Leverages.

Kind regards and a good time wish you
Marco by tradingchannelblog


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