Margin Information

Hello Honey-Readers,

the Topicfield “Margin” is very Important for your Successfull-Trading. You decide how you like do Trading or you don´t Trade, but when you like Trading, than the Topicfield “Margin” is really Important, for your Own-Trading-Success.

The Important Standard Steps should be:

1. Find out how High exactly your (Standard) Leverage is by your Broker.
2. Set up your Individual-Leverage, when this is possible by your own choice Broker.
3. Never use a High-Leverage for Safe-, Hedge- and Longtime-Successfull-Trading.
4. Set up your own choice Leverage, for example 4 and do your Trades.

When your Broker have a Standard-Leverage for example by 400 than you must set up your Margin very small. For example you like Trading with 4-Leverage and have pay into your Broker Account an Amount over 1.000, than you can Trade with 4.000:

1.000 Amount who you have payed in (your own Money) x 4-Leverage = 4.000 that you can Invest in Positions, for example in Currency-Positions.

4.000 : 400-Standard-Leverage = 10,00 Margin for all Open-Positions in your Account.
4.000 : 4-Standard-Leverage = 1.000 Margin for all Open-Positions in your Account.


Also when you like Hedge-Trading, this is Important, use also this Amount. Remember: Not only per Position, this means the Amount of your whole Broker Account. You Trading allways on your own Decision. This is a Blog only for your Information. Also the Videos. The next Time am will show you New-Videos, also about the Margin Topicfield. So take care, because Trading is a Risk-Business, espacially with to high Leverages.

New Information will be coming out on this Blog, for your Information. But what you like to do with this Information is alone and allways your own Decision.

So take care of your Money and use never to High-Leverages.

Kind regards and a good time wish you
Marco by tradingchannelblog


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