Hedging Strategys and Leverage

Hello Honey-Readers,

Hedge-Protect-Trading alone is not enough for your Profitable Trading Strategy(s). Other Topics are also very important, like this one´s:

  1. Moneymanagement: Never Risk to much Money and never use a too High Leverage. Hedge Trading works great, with one or more very good Hedge Trading Strategys for example with Full-Automatic-Trading with your own Setup. High-Leverages start at 4er Leverage. For example x4 = 1.000 your Trading-Money and Leverage is x4, so you can open one or more Position for (the highest) 4.000 EUR or USD or other Account Currency. Moneymanagement with very good Hedge Trading Strategys are the important thing, when you like start your Trading-Success.
  2. The Diversification is not allways important, sometimes is a great Idea to make Hedge Trading with a great Moneymanagement only in one or two Currencys or other Trading-Possibilitys, like Indices or Stocks or anything else. So you have a better Overview over one until two Currencys. With a great “Expert Advisor” for Automatic Trading you have also the Possibility to Trade with more Currencys to build up a great Diversification, this is also a great Idea, but Remember: Is alone your own Decision. Trading is a Risk-Business. Only a great Moneymanagement and also great Hedge Trading Strategys can help you for your Succesfull-Trading.
  3. Very Important: You can Trade sometimes with one to one Hedging, but this is only than a great Idea with the “ADX” Indicator. Find more about the “ADX” Indicator on: charttec.de/indikator/ADX
  4. Very great is Full-Automatic-Trading with “Expert-Advisors”. So you Trade with your Broker and a VPS-Server (virtueller Server) full automaticly, while you have Freetime Activity or Work. Is really great, when you have find and use the right “Expert Advisor”. But also you can Program your own Strategy. Also you have the Possibility to find a Programer for your own “Expert-Advisor” Trading Strategy, for example directly here: xyzo-trade-robots.de/en
  5. Marketprices Knowledge and Experience, also with Marketprices Psychology Knowledge and Experience will help you to be very Successfull. You can get this Knowledge when you read and watch about the Marketprices History. What happened in the History on the different Markets, like Currency-, Stock-, Bond- and House-Markets? Find it out and you get your Great-Knowledge!
  6. But the most Important (you can see it here in this List, on Number “1”): Are allways using no or very-small Leverages. The Leverage-Effect will give the Point for profitable Trading or Losing your Money.

New Information will be coming out on this Blog, for your Information. But what you like to do with this Information is alone and allways your own Decision.

So take care of your Money and use never to High-Leverages.

Kind regards and a good time wish you
Marco by tradingchannelblog


One thought on “Hedging Strategys and Leverage

  1. Am think this List is very great to make a Demo Account Testing by this Trading Knowledge List and Strategys. This Blog can help you to find your own Trading way. Am wish you Fun, Success and the most (financial) freedom. Take your Time and set up your Dreams.


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